Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Road to Airlie..

Todays ride is the most boring day.

This pic was taken on perfectly straight rd.

Long open tar on the plains... Nice scenery though.

Fueling at Marlborough

Fun little section up over the ranges just north of Marlborough on the old HWY

Long open plains
Today was the first day of dry heat I experienced ~yep it's good.

In 206km I saw 12 cars a bike & 2 trucks! thats it.

1956 Olympic Torch relay Monument.

Finally into the sugar can fields out of Sarina.

But it could of been worse.

I was joined at camp by some locals.

The next day I had a quiet one re packing the bike, swimming & reading planned ready to head north.

The good news I have cracked 3000km, stopped 13 times to relieve numb bum & had to clear a major amount of bugs of the visor around 34 times!

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