Friday, June 5, 2009

Heading East ~ Byron or Bust 3/6/09

The day was overcast & cold however it wasn't raining....yet
Thanks to the new managers of the royal hotel & a the barman Steve I slipped my bike into the beer garden last night for some security parking
A quick brekfast & it was off to Waterfall Way
The first stop Wollomombi Falls.
Pretty awesome views, next time I'll ride out & camp here so I can have some time to do the 9km round trip to the base for a swim.

Next stop was Ebor falls...
This is where I met Brian, a Kiwi how is currently travelling around Aus (full loop) on 2 Tigers 2 up.... pretty good setups on these bikes - check out the thermos mounted to the crash bars.
Ebor falls

The shot below was taken on the road between ebor falls & Grafton ~ this was the 4th hairpin with perfect smooth tar looping around straight back into the hills.... at this stage I had to get a shot or no one would believe how good the riding is.
This is the view looking the other way from the same spot above
Winding down the range just before lunch around Nymboida, after taking this shot & riding off 2 corners later at around 95kmh I came across a bull standing in the middle of the road....
During the week cattle seem to be the main hazard on the road!
Lunch was a Works burger at Whiporie & this was where the rain decided to join me for the rest of the day...
Yay the last of the rain until tonight! I think I need a COFFEE!!!
The Slab tar from Grafton to Lismore was boring & 50km in I was suffering a case of numb bumb asking myself why I chose to ride a bike as opposed to taking my perfectly good Hilux...
I remembered why around 55km later when riding over the hills in Bangalow down into Byron.
East most point of Australia... Tick.
After taking this photo i shot back into town got a camp site & started getting all my damp gear dried out.
A total of 933km in 2 days.

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