Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mmmmm Perhaps I was going a little quick...

After the coldest night of the trip (I was that cold in my -7degree sleeping bag that I had my head under the cover) I awoke & quickly pulled on every available piece of clothing I could & started on some toast.... It took me about half an hr to break camp & head off into morer of the soft sand i was dreding...

15 minutes into the trail out I was sweating my ass off & All the liners in my jacket came out.

I survived the ride out & headed into Agnes Waters to re fuel.

I then pushed up a trail that leads to Turkey Beach (4wd- only) only to find it has been blocked off as a wildlife sanctuary (so i had a 55km loop for nothing!)

With the extra loop taking an hr of time I really hadn't planned for I resigned myself to some butt numbing kms & settled in....


Alledgedly I was travelling at 109 in a 80Km zone (coming into a small town) & he thought I should donate $333 to QLD ~ boy these guys are struggling in hard financial times.

Needles to say the above photo was taken at 99km p/hr

By the time I reached Rockhampton for a late lunch I was over it, Tired, Frustrated, needed beer.
Which is when I found the Caves.
About 30km north of rocky is the caves campground & tourist park

I set up camp & took a guided tour of 7 of the caves which were pretty impressive, the last cave we went through was "the Cathedral"

After the tour I took a quick ride to the pub where I found a friend as I sat down next to the wood fire I disturbed the pub cat.

This cat spent the next 15 mins begging for any scraps from my dinner.

The next local to say g'day was Nodds who was impressed with my jerry can pannier setup & not having a camera on him insisted I stop by his place for a cuppa in the morning to show his mate "Kiwi" the setup as he is travelling around oz next year.

He also insisted that I come & meet some of the other locals, which turned out to be a good night I remember meeting Stretch, Col, Nath, Bronc & some I can't.

He also had one or 2 comments about the sticker collection. (see earlier post)

Needless to say we all had 1 or 2 beers.... i slept well.

Nodds & his BMW 1200, nice setup for a BM.

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