Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 1 The journey begins....2/6/09

The rough plan for the day was to head towards Armidale & possibly camp out at Wollomombi falls, Things don't always go to plan....

6am rolls around & I'm laying in bed listening to the sound of light rain on the roof...
I guess I will need the wet gear then.

I load up & get away at around 7 headed for Jerry's Cafe at Kulnura
Still nice & clean, we'll see what me & the bike look like in 5 weeks!

Jerry's Cafe, BIG coffee to start the heart....

Heavy fog on the road through Wollombi

Today was to be the ride of 101 bridges, I lost count at around 47, but there were A LOT!
This was the first small one of the trip.
The planned route for the day
The first clear open road of the day.
Just out of Singleton, it felt great having dry road below & a small break in the clouds. The pony you can see in the middle of the picture (next to the ute) came about 500m down the road to welcome me into town... I don't know who was more scared, as I came around the bend slowing down for a T junction it was standing in the middle of the road, I pulled in the clutch , killed the motor & pulled over as it was spooked by the bike.
The lady managed to heard it back over into the paddock however it was very lucky as there were a few farm trucks on the surrounding roads at the time!
The Barrington Tops is a area I haven't explored before however after having a brief ride through today I will be back for a longer stay, good duel sport bike roads, not so sport bike friendly.

Nice view over one of the many farms. As the day went on the weather improved dramatically & by 11 I was wearing summer gloves & had lost a thermal layer in the jacket.... This was short lived (see below)

Bridge #29I had wanted to ride Thunderbolts way for some time now after being told stories from other riders, well worth the ride with big sweeping uphills & flowing decents it was awsome! No riding photos from thunderbolts other than a rest area where I layered up again, I was too busy enjoying the riding.

Kia Ora Lookout, just outside of Glouster.
Just before Carson Pine lookout.
This next photo is for Barnsey... If Kerli or Ali ever hassle either of us about how we load a kayak trailer tell them to check this guy out!
Left wheel up off the ground on a right hand bend!

Bridge #33Bridge #36Bridge # ???At about this point of the trip on my 5okm of slab tar to Armidale, I started to freeze...Out came the neck warmer, the BEST thing I packed so far!After pushing on via the main rd to Armidale it was time to pull int a pub as I was cold, wet & thirsty, The Royal hotel was suggested by the info lady as there had been a shooting at the other ok pub... I took her advise & walked into a friendly local pub for a Bourbon & a room.
Today I had covered 545km & experienced 3 seasons... after half a dozen cleansing ales & a good feed it was time to get some sleep... Night.

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