Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lets go for a quick drink .....

Well I currently have a major camera problem so photos will take a couple of days, in the mean time I can tell you that after performing some Incredible White Boy dancing I now proudly have a torn Medial Ligament in my left knee... more on this later

The story starts with a mad dash around Reds place trying desperately to grab all my grear & ride to the ferry (which is due for departure in 3 minutes) - The ferry master let me on, as he was about to pull out from the ramp... Very lucky as timing was tight for the day & the next ferry wasn't for 2hr20min!

On to Mt Glorious, This ride was reccommended by Red & was a great trip up & over the hills past Wivenhoe & Somerset dams coming out at Beerwah & heading on to Phils place in Caloundra.
Now when Phil suggested a quiet drink & dinner I knew as well as he did that it wasn't going to end there... We had a nice Thai dinner & headed up to the EVIL place commonly known as The Caloundra RSL.

More tomorrow...... with pics

Edit 14/6/09 picsa have been lost as memory card fried.... sorry

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