Thursday, June 18, 2009

The days after

Well the days following my mis adventures with phil were spent resting my knee, picking up a few items for the bike & basically being cared for by my Grandy... I thought I would end up losing weight on this trip however with the size of her home cooked meals i'm not going to need to eat until Cape York!

I departed Mooloolaba on Thursday headed for Deepwater National Park (just south of Agnes Waters) this was meant to be a quick run west over the hills via Maleney, back roads to Gympie & on to Woolooga for a coffee (the further north I get the more coffee turns into a dash of coffee with a pint of warm milk.... these guys have no idea.)

Had a blast on the road from Woolooga via Biggenden to Gin Gin ~ the road was a mix of fast dirt & rough tar - which suited the bike down to the ground.

This is of course with 1 exception... after having reliable grippy tar for most of the rd, it was bound to happen.. I found the only loose bit of surface coming uphill on a slight bend after a narrow bridge crossing with me wound on at full throttle, this resulted in the best power slide I have ever had on the tar. Needless to say I scared the s**t out of myself as the bike has quite a bit of extra weight & snapped back fast ~ lesson learnt (it's about getting to the tip not getting there fastest, I slowed down a little after that!

Gin Gin has the best pie I have ever tasted... Chicken Caccatori ~Nice

North of Gin Gin was a disaster! A total of 6 U turns on different dirt trails were made due to my GPS & map not getting along... after half an hr took the long way around & joined up with the main rd & headed into Baffle creek (the entry to deepwater N.P)

This is where my knee was slightly re injured.

It was ankle high soft sand & my bike is HEAVY with all the gear on,... after coming around a corner & having the bike try to buck me off in a high side manouver, I had legs going every where & some very impressive steering to stay on, however I felt my knee "pop" again bringing on a hot patch on the inside of my knee cap....not happy.

I set up camp & went for a walk down the beach with a nice Bourbon to sooth the pain....Cheers.

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